Van den Broek Warehousing meet your storage and transhipment requirements.

Contact details

Vossenbeemd 112
5705 CL Helmond


+31 (0)492 751 400

Van den Broek Warehousing has the necessary capacity to meet your storage and transhipment requirements. We have around 35,000m2 of covered storage capacity available and we offer the perfect combination of storage and transportation options in partnership with Van den Broek Logistics.

Van den Broek Warehousing registers all your goods digitally using scanners and (unique) barcodes. Any changes are updated in real time and you can access this system by means of a secure connection. This mean that your current levels of warehoused stock on our site remain visible at all times.

Our warehouses are equipped with high-quality shelving systems and modern material-handling equipment, such as forklift, pallet and reach trucks. We have organised our warehouses so that we can store a wide diversity of goods.  Thanks to our IFS Logistics certificate (higher level) you can rest assured that our standard of service remains consistently high, both for food and non-food, as well as other forms of storage.  The storage of organic products is also within our remit thanks to our SKAL Biocontrole certificate.

Whether it’s longer term storage you require or a more temporary solution, Van den Broek Warehousing has the answer to your needs.