Van den Broek Logistics’ 24-hour pallet distribution throughout the whole of the Benelux

Did you know that in most cases pallets switch lorries 3 or 4 times a night and as many successive carriers before arriving at their destination the following day? Obviously, this is not what you had in mind. You have taken care in choosing your carrier because you want your goods to reach your customers in perfect condition. As Van den Broek Logistics has such a large fleet their pallet distribution within the Benelux only takes place using their own lorries and workforce meaning that no transfers are required, limiting the risk of damage or perishing to a minimum.

This is reason enough to select Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond as your pallet distributor. You can rest assured that your pallets will be delivered in perfect condition to any place in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg within 24 hours.

Another clear benefit is that most of Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond’s trailers are fitted with tail lifts or a lorry-mounted forklift.