Company Profile

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do
This Chinese proverb is what keeps Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond in an ever-changing world. A quick glance through our history, depicted in our image gallery (see link), shows how surprisingly quickly transport, logistics and storage have developed over a period of almost 50 years. As such, Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond is the leading expert for all your logistics issues.

24-hour pallet distribution in the Benelux
Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond’s particular speciality is the 24-hour distribution of pallets and full loads within the Benelux. What is unique is that this is done using our own lorries and without multiple night-time transfers, so the risk of damage or perishing is minimised (see link). Most trailers are fitted with a tail lift or a lorry-mounted forklift

Ambient, refrigerated and frozen shipments to other European countries
Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond handles a number of (temperature-controlled) shipments to all other countries in Europe, specialising, for instance, in haulage in the Beleux, France and Germany. For this purpose the company has a range of semi-trailers, box trailers, curtain-sided trailers and refrigerated trailers available. Mid-2012 LHVs (longer heavier vehicles) were introduced into the fleet, increasing the usual freight capacity per combination from 13.6 m to 21.6 m.

Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond is leading the way in terms of innovation in logistics processes, investment in the latest transport and communications resources and the training of its workforce. The company has backed this up by obtaining various certifications including IFS Logistics. Obviously, we also look after the environment which is why we are taking part in the pilot of the European FREILOT project whereby the emissions and energy consumption of our transport resources are being reduced by 25% (see link).

The right mentality among our employees
The decades-long experience, of which Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond can be proud, shows that the right mentality within the company has remained – and will continue to remain – key to the company’s success.
After all, haulage is about much more than simply driving from A to B. You can entrust your carefully produced goods to us and, as a haulier, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond is your company’s calling card. We do what we promise and visit your customers punctually using our own well-turned-out vehicles, driven by flexible and professional Dutch drivers who will not hesitate to help you load and / or unload your goods.

Located in the smartest region in the world
It is no accident that Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond is located in the smartest region in the world. We have the most up-to-date security systems and tracking and tracing technology so you can follow your freight in real time. Van den Broek Warehousing BV Helmond also provides you with the opportunity of remotely managing and checking your stock in our warehouse (see link).

A logical choice
In other words: Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV is the logical choice for you too!
Contact us without obligation for information about how we can contribute to improving your business processes. After all, only one can be the best!