Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond – Holland

With three different locations in Helmond, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond is centrally positioned in relation to the more northern parts of the Netherlands, the Ruhr and the other Benelux countries. This means that the most important sea ports and airports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam-Schiphol, Brussels and Düsseldorf are all within easy reach.

Specialisation: 24-hour pallet distribution in the Benelux and other European countries

Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond’s particular speciality is the 24-hour distribution of pallets and full loads within the Benelux. Elsewhere on this website you can read why Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond’s direct delivery formula may be described as unique (see link).
In addition, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond focuses on transport to and from Brittany. We also go to other parts of France, Germany and other European countries several times a week.

Speed and flexibility

Within 60 minutes of receiving your order, the goods are picked and the lorry is ready for departure. If required we can also agree fixed delivery schedules with your customer. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong during the process then we will initiate an immediate extra delivery – no matter who was responsible for the error. Your customer’s interests take priority. First we make sure that you customer is satisfied and then we determine who can be held accountable for the error and therefore who can be reasonably expected to cover the additional costs. We provide our services to 5-star standards and your goods travel business class with us at economy class prices.
We are always ready to help you out in urgent cases, which is why we can be reached on several mobile phone numbers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Large and well-equipped fleet

With its large fleet and exceptional regional cover, at least 10 lorries call at their location three or four times a day. Thanks to this constant flow, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond is extremely flexible in delivering and collecting your goods.
Deliveries are simplified because the majority of our trailers are fitted with tail lifts or a lorry-mounted forklift.

Regular replacement of the fleet and proper maintenance schedule limit the chances of our lorries being off the road to a minimum, enabling us to guarantee you correct and punctual delivery of your goods.

Take the acid test and find out that things can always be better, because only one can be the best!
Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond… a logical choice!