Quality, safety and environment

Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond’ operates under the principle of responsible, sustainable enterprising. Since 1965, this forwarding, storage and handling company has grown into one of the most important and best equipped logistics service providers in the Netherlands. Investments in relations, training, material and the environment have made Van den Broek Logistics and Warehouses a transport, storage and handling company to be reckoned with.

We only work with our own Dutch staff and operate using our own lorries. This means that the customer is not faced with people who do not speak the Dutch language nor fit the image that Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond, in representing their customers’ business, wishes to portray. The largest proportion of the staff is educated to at least intermediate vocational (MBO) level.

Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond has a large, modern fleet consisting of tractor units with trailers (tilt and box trailers, curtain-sided and refrigerated trailers, including LHV versions). This fleet is fitted with the latest communications equipment, on-board computers and safety features so that your valuable freight arrives punctually and safely at its destination. During the whole process, your goods can be traced in real time from head office.

As we have to think ahead and because we need to pay a lot of attention to the environment, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond participates in the European FREILOT pilot project, whose aim is to reduce freight transport energy consumption and emissions by 25% by influencing traffic lights and in-car advice during journeys. You can read more on this at www.freilot.eu (see link).

Moreover, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond regularly invests in new lorries with improved consumption and environmental specifications. For instance, at the end of 2011, 15 new Scania G420 trucks were purchased. In December 2013, 15 new Scania trucks were put into service together with 5 LHVs.

The lorries that are used for international shipments have a maintenance contract. The other lorries are serviced at our own professionally-equipped, in-house workshop that is affiliated with the Dutch automotive trade association, BOVAG, (see link) and therefore complies with the highest standards.
At least once a week our lorries are cleaned in our own truck wash. After all, Van den Broek Logistics BV Helmond is an extension of your business, so not only our employees, but also our equipment needs to look the part.

Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond holds ISO 9001:2008, FORS and IFS Logistics certification (see link). This gives you as the customer the additional guarantee that Van den Broek Logistics and Warehousing BV Helmond is capable of operating to the highest standards.